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Prime Time Review - 'Kitchen Nightmares'

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Wednesday 04/16/2014

Prime Time Review: Which “Colbert” will appear on “The Late Show”?

Wednesday 04/09/2014

David Letterman announces retirement

Wednesday 03/19/2014

Prime Time Review - Guided by Voices enhances prolific reputation

Wednesday 03/12/2014

Primetime Review: FX renews ‘Archer’ for a pair of new seasons

Wednesday 02/26/2014

Prime Time Review: New Godzilla poster debuts a massive king of monsters

Wednesday 02/19/2014

Primetime Review: “How I Met Your Dad” star has the right stuff

Wednesday 02/12/2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman: The death of a complicated man

Wednesday 01/29/2014

When does fame stop being an excuse?

Wednesday 01/15/2014

Will 2014 be the year of streaming media?

Wednesday 01/01/2014

Start the year with science at UA Mirror Lab

Wednesday 12/18/2013

Is Disney snatching up all your childhood heroes?

Wednesday 12/04/2013

Prime Time Review: Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ remake holds true to the original

Wednesday 11/27/2013

Prime Time Review: Hottest electronics this holiday season

Wednesday 11/20/2013

Primetime Review: El Tour de Tucson rides into town

Wednesday 11/06/2013

Prime Time Review: Horror fans rejoice, Bruce Campbell slated to return as Ash in ‘Army of Darkness 2’

Wednesday 10/23/2013

Prime Time Review: ‘South Park’ falls short of airing deadline for the first time

Wednesday 10/09/2013

Prime Time Review: Prolific author Tom Clancy dies in Baltimore at 66

Wednesday 09/25/2013

Prime Time Review: Grand Theft Auto V lives up to the hype

Wednesday 09/18/2013

Prime Time Review: New iPhone reveals Apple’s ups and downs?

Wednesday 09/11/2013

Jack Nicholson’s ‘retirement’ causes a stir. But is it true?

Wednesday 09/04/2013

Prime Time Review: Lessons to be learned from 2013’s summer films

Wednesday 08/21/2013

‘The Civil Wars’ bittersweet rise to number one

Wednesday 08/14/2013

Primetime Review: Amber Tamblyn to guest star on “Two and a Half Men”

Wednesday 08/07/2013

Prime Time Review: Johnny Depp warns of future retirement

Wednesday 07/31/2013

Primetime Review: The legacy of Walter White - ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale is almost here

Thursday 07/25/2013

Prime Time Review: Comic-Con is a hotspot for fresh ideas

Wednesday 07/17/2013

Primetime Review: Mount Lemmon SkyCenter to supply beautiful views

Wednesday 07/10/2013

Primetime Review: RiffTrax provides cinematic satire

Wednesday 07/03/2013

Prime Time Review: Remembering James Gandolfini

Wednesday 06/26/2013

Prime Time Review: Clark Kent missing in action

Wednesday 06/12/2013

Primetime Review: Christopher Nolan’s vision

Sunday 05/19/2013

Prime Time Review - 'Kitchen Nightmares'

Friday 05/10/2013

Prime Time Review - Indie Rock Veterans provides Tucson with memories Prime Time Review - The future of the online movie market

Friday 04/26/2013

Prime Time Review - New technology seeks to increase theater revenue

Friday 04/19/2013

Prime Time Review - The Pima County Fair is here

Sunday 04/07/2013

Prime Time Review - The end of the LucasArts era

Sunday 03/31/2013

Prime Time Review - La Cocina Provides Positive Local Outlet for Music

Sunday 03/24/2013

Prime Time Review: Adios Leno! How's it Going, Jimmy?

Friday 03/08/2013

Prime Time Review - The spring 4th Avenue Street Fair is coming soon

Thursday 03/07/2013

Prime Time Review - Significance of Oscars should not be overlooked

Wednesday 02/27/2013

Prime Time Review - Catch up on "How I met Your Mother" before it's over

Tuesday 02/26/2013

ABC announces upcoming "Dancing with the Stars" cast

Friday 02/15/2013

Prime Time Review - 'Identity Thief' robs viewers of time and money

Thursday 02/14/2013

Prime Time Review - Residents Complain about Community Center

Monday 02/11/2013

Prime Time Review - Don't let the smell keep you away from the Tucson Rodeo

Friday 02/01/2013

Prime Time Review - What's all the Sparkle About? The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is here Prime Time Review - Beyonce, Keys better deliver at the Super Bowl

Thursday 01/31/2013

Prime Time Review - "Life of Pi" is a refreshing 3D experience

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