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Another view on gun control

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  • John J Flanagan posted at 6:53 pm on Tue, Jan 8, 2013.

    John J Flanagan Posts: 33

    Excellent points. There is a compromise position for gun control. If we follow the progressives and the anti-gun people, only criminals will have guns, and the police, who will, of course, arrive after the crime is over to document the citizen's death from a street thug. If we follow the extremists on the issue, we will have more lethal stuff out there. Reasonable controls, licenses, etc, will not prevent the occasional mass murder, but we cannot take away guns from Americans on a large scale, because the second amendment is sacred. Like it has been indicated by a gun advocate to Piers Morgan, the ignorant left wing media host, the "second amendment is not there to for duck hunters; it is there to protect us against tyrannical governments and street thugs."


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